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Tunnel battery locomotive control part
- Nov 16, 2017 -

Zhongsui locomotive adopts mature microcomputer control system, realize the stepless speed diesel engine, remote transmission, anti-slip, automatic monitoring, and other functions, has perfect for vehicle protection measures, mainly manifested in the following several aspects.(1) Zhongsui locomotives equipped with safety protection device as follows: the oil pressure will automatic parking system work, engine automatically slow down during the engine temperature is too high to the idle state, the torque converter automatically cut off the transmission when the oil temperature is too high, engine automatically slow down to the idle state, the transmission in neutral to start the engine, the engine start system can't work continuouly, the continuous starter (continuous start locomotive driver time interval to reach more than 30 s, locomotive cannot start).Prevent overspeed device (when the engine speed of more than 2800 turn, speed sensor work, engine automatic idle speed reduction, decrease locomotive automatic parking and to neutral position, when the engine speed is higher than the calibration speed locomotive gearbox can't action).(2) the locomotive has an automatic stop device on the engine, and there is a twist switch on the top of the engine speed control handle and the instrument panel. One button must be in a set period of time by pressing or loose, if one of the button and hold still, the parking system will begin to alarm, if the driver do not reflect  the locomotive‚Äôs will automatically cut off power and automatically brake