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Tunnel 8m3 grouting machine parameter
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Main technical parameter  




         Item name





































 modelJY-8:specification 8m3


  Outline   dimensions




Front and rear   traction pin center distance








  Rail gauge








  Wheel diameter




Traction pin center   line from the track surface height




  The   stirring tank




  The total   capacity of



The stirring   motor,deceleration device,specification, power


 Stirring motorY180M-4,power:18.5kw


搅拌扭距KN及搅拌轴的密封方式Sealed method of stirring torque KN and stirring shaft    



 The deceleration   device:S92-Y18.5-4P.NA56


 The stirring   torque1.9KN.m


  The blade   material、diameter and   rotational speed of stirring


Sealing modegrease   seal


 blade material16Mn.      diameter1470mm


  Mortar   pump type


 Speed 8r/min


 Centrifugal pump


  Flow range


 22~25m3/h  (0.4MP200r/min)


  The pressure   range of Mpa, the pumping distance 




 Pressure range:≤0.4Mpa


  Minimum   turning radius


 The pumping   distance:the flow rate   is 23m3/h,head of 40m.




  Shock   absorbing mode


  Cylindrical   helical compression spring damping mode 



4、Safe operation rules:

1, the vehicle should be inspected carefully before running,whether the gas path was clear, if there is leakage phenomenon.

2, check whether the braking device has abnormal, loose or excessive clearance is too large, to guarantee the brake operation is flexible.

3, Should offen do daily maintenance.Keep good lubrication performance of the rotating parts.

4, should do timely replacement brake shoe wear and tear, and ensure the braking effect.


Note: the maintenance point is same with the tunnelling muck car. 


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