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Tunnel 45t metrol electric tunnel battery locomotives introduce
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Tunnel 45t metrol electric tunnel battery locomotives

Tunnel battery Parameters can be changed according to user requirements

Battery locomotive, to meet the coal, the forest, especially in the subway tunnel construction, slope is large, requirements of disposable slag designed high-power locomotive traction transportation designed a new battery type ac drive mining tram, mainly used for shield tunneling transport of mortar, muck slurry soil, segment, etc traction locomotives. The battery locomotive adopt advanced technology of ac drive locomotive, herringbone rubber spring suspension devices, frequency control of motor speed, has good adhesiveness, high traction, wide speed range, high reliability and less maintenance cost advantage;The battery locomotive brake adopts electric brake, air brake and hand brake three kinds of braking, electric brake is the conventional brake, the braking performance is good;The battery locomotive can be used to pull 230 tons of weight on a 35‰ ramp.