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The shield body with diesel electric locomotive work status
- Nov 04, 2017 -

The shield body with diesel electric locomotive

The shield mainly consists of three parts: front shield, middle shield and tail shield, these are tubular tubes, the front sheild and welded pressure partition are used to support the cutter drive,meanwhile make the muck silo and back work space to seperate,the propulsion cylinder can be applied to the excavator surface through the pressure partition. In order to play the role of support and stability of the excavation. There are five earth pressure sensors installed on the pressure-bearing partition at different heights, which can be used to detect the earth pressure of different heights in the earth silo. The rear of the front shield is the middle shield, middle shield and front shield is bolted through the flange. The circumference of the inner side of the middle shield is provided with a propulsive cylinder, and the propulsive cylinder rod is provided with plastic support boots, which are pushed on the installed pipe segments in the rear. through controlling cylinder backward could provide the forward tunneling force. The propulsion cylinder is divided into four groups A, B, C and D according to the installation arrangement. In the tunneling process, the pressure of each group of cylinders can be controlled separately in the operating room. In this way, the shield machine can realize left, right, head up, head down or go straight, so that the shaft of tunneling shield machine can be fitted to the tunnel design axis as far as possible. The rear of the middle shield is the tail shield, then can make the shield machine axis try to fitting with the designed axle line. at the middle of the back shield is the tail shield, the tail shield through 14 passive hinged cylinders connection with the middle shield machine, this hinge connection way make the shield easy to turn.