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the features of tunnel diesel locomotives
- Nov 20, 2017 -

The advantages of the diesel locomotive for tunnel traction:

1. good traction. due to the frequency convertor stability, the diesel electric locomotive adhesive factor is reach 0.28. can tract large load, and during traction, the wheel are not easy to skip.

2. The braking is good.The diesel locomotive diesel brake reaction and performance is good than the battery locomotives.

3. High energy utility.

4. The minimum turning radius: 25m

    Adhesive weight:35t

    Control method: PLC frequency traction control

    Transmission way: AC

     Brake method: air control brake and electric brake

5. Traction motor:

    Cooling method: air cooling

    Model: YE3-315L2-6

   Weight: 1455KG

6. The braking system:

    Air compressor: type: w-0.9/12.5   Rated air volumn:0.9m3/min

    Braking leverage:4.4