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The 45t metro battery locomotive structure and configuration instructions
- Dec 15, 2017 -

Dpc45-7 / -bp electric battery locomotive is straight - ac drive, narrow-gauge engineering electric locomotive (hereinafter referred to as battery tractor). The battery electrical locomotive is based on the subway, water conservancy, municipal, mining and other tunnel engineering mechanization construction demand and development, is the shield machine bakeup equipment, in construction of transport sand earthwork, materials, equipment, and personnel and other special traction locomotive. It is applicable to coal, metallurgy, mining, railway, highway tunnel, urban subway construction and other narrow gauge railway ground, non-explosion-proof site transport traction. The model is based on "JB2933-2007 model of mine locomotive product model". DP- "electromechanical" car; 20 - locomotive adhesion, ton; 7- gauge code, 762 mm; BP- "change" "frequency" type locomotive;