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tbm battery locomotive supplier and the rail switch maintenance
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Maintenance of the rail switch device

 Since we are the professional tbm battery locomotive supplier, so we sometime also supply the tbm battery locomotive related products, like rail switches, here illustrate the tbm battery locomotive supplier of the tunnel rail switch maintenance points for reference:

In order to ensure good use railway accessories, need often need to have maintenance and reinforcement one the rail switch equipment, in order to improve the quality of switch equipment, avoid the happening of the accident, rail accessories manufacturers and the and tbm battery locomotive supplier to provide you with professional rail inspection standard.

Maintenance standard of tbm battery locomotive installation:

1. Fixed screw fastening of the bifurcation mounting device, the device has no old crack.

2. There are no old cracks in the connecting rod and the external locking device, no friction card and corrosion of the rod, no more than 1mm for the pin hole and good insulation.

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