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Subway muck car for tunneling construction used towing muck car
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Tunnel muck car frame: the subway good quality muck car frame is through foundation bolt connected to the bogie core plate, and the residual vehicle is positive

Easy to remove.The two ends are equipped with shaft-pin traction connecting devices for the connection of muck vehicles and battery locomotives.

Subway muck car keyword:

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The tunneling used muck car feature:

1. The muck cars used for tunnelling, subway, and metro construction, the related unloading systems, the segment cars, the men riding cars, the different types of flat cars, the mixers and in general all the wagons for transport on rail, although apparently simple, demand a serious creativity and engineering effort to find solutions for performance and dimensional problems. 

In particular muck cars and related unloading procedure make up a complex system which should be coordinated with the boring technique and which could have important consequences on the whole project.

The different types of cars could be use also for mining.

1. The tunnel muck car is adopt steel plate and profile steel overall welded, good impact resistance.

2. Transport equipment for the loading of slag or coal during tunneling

3. The muck car use duel air pipe brake system, small brake distance, safe and reliable.

4. Maintenance convenience, cost-effective.