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Railway battery locomotives supplier-- Reliable mortar vehicle
- Oct 26, 2017 -

The railway battery locomotive stirs the mixing and pumping system

In order to prevent the tunnel grout car slurry segregation or solidification in mortar vehicles (if the slurry contains cement), the battery locomotive has set up the walking and stirring function in the process of transporting slurry.The stirred motor is driven by a separate frequency conversion power supply.The reliable mortar vehicles slurry pump can also be operated by the battery locomotive inverter power supply.

Battery Locomotive with variable frequency power supply to control the mixing and pumping another important reason for mixing and pumping use outside three-phase ac motor power, sometimes motor due to some reason are lacking of a phase running, caused a motor damage.The variable frequency power supply can realize the omnidirectional protection of the motor.

The subway mortar car slurry vehicle is mainly used for mortar transport in tunnel shield construction.The main structure of the tunnel mortar car is divided into car

Body, walking division, power system, mixing system, electrical control system (which can be installed with wind braking as required),

slurry discharge system.Mortar transport car at Both ends are equipped with shaft-pin traction coupling for vehicles and locomotives connect.Recently

The size of the cheap mortar vehicles made by our company is 2 ~ 10m,can design as per customer's detail require various mortar car