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railway battery locomotive suppliers--brake shoe detection system
- Oct 26, 2017 -

The Speed monitoring and brake shoe failure detection system:

 The failure of the brake shoe includes the gap between the brake shoe and the wheel is too large, or the failure of the brake mechanism to cause the brake shoe to fall off. It is shown that the tbm battery operated locomotive after effect  the air brake control is implemented, and battery locomotive can’t slow down effectively, even faster at the downhill. .JXKB series battery powered railway locomotive, established the brake shoe failure detection device, when the brake cylinder mechanism is in failure position, the subway battery locomotive start brake shoe failure alarm.If the battery locomotive are during running failure in the brake shoe, the battery locomotive will through analyzing the speed of the monitoring and fault identification, automatically completion of battery locomotive high speed brake shoe starting and control, prevent the battery locomotive car accident

tunnel subway battery locomotive's Working flow:

25t battery locomotive, towing with 4 or 5 tunnel muck car, and 1 mortar grouting vehicles, and 2 segment cars, etc.Walking appliy to various 6m tunnel diameter, with segment transporting, muck loading, and mortar transporting , material traction equipment.

1 or 2 operator is ok for this tunnel battery operation job.

Traction pin type connection, also be design as wilson coupling type joint.

Muck car with 8-18m3, mortar car with 2-8m2, segment car with 15-25t.