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Supply 1 set 45T diesel locomoitve,1 muck car for Guangzhou Subway
- Apr 03, 2017 -

In 2016,July, Guangzhou Tunnel Line 3 Extension line place order of 

1 set of 45t tunnel diesel locomotives, 1 Muck car

Which suit for national subway construction shield supporting equipments.

It has charactor of large traction force, with Volvo generator,strong continuous working ability,transport efficiency is high,especially good for the long distance transporting; Walking parts adopt rubber spring axle positioning, shock absorbtion performance is good,stable oepration,to improve the locomotive power curve through capacity.

Our locomotives controlled component, generally achive country safe center certificate.

45T diesel Locomotives install with monitor, for different working conditions and relevant parameters has Real-time monitoring and transfinite alarm;

This 45t diesel locomotives are very suit for shield tunnel,long-river tunnel, subsea tunnel,railroad tunnel, large railroad tunneling engineerings 

25 tonner diesel.jpg

tunneling muck car