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Mining Battery locomotive
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Mining Battery locomotive

Mining electric locomotive product introduction:

Mining electric locomotive is mining horizontal roadway long-distance transport important locomotive, occupies an important position in mine coal transportation and auxiliary transportation. It has advantages of low cost, large transport capacity, use and operation is easy, has the advantages of non-working reserve system.

Mining electric battery locomotive is made up by Mechanical part and electrical parts. The mechanical parts include: frame, wheel, axle box, spring bracket, braking device, sanding device, connection buffer device, etc. The electric parts include: dc series motor, controller, resistance box, pantograph, automatic air switch or flame-proof bolt, battery(battery electric locomotive) 


Mining locomotive main feature:

Small boundary dimension, axle distance is short, small and flexible, brake rising fast and reliable, simple structure, easy maintenance, suitable for the small and medium-sized mining vehicle.

The working process of Underground mining locomotive

  1. Trolley locomotive’s      working process

The high voltage alternating current(ac) through traction variable flow reduction voltage, rectifier, the positive connect to the overhead line, negative electrode connect to the rail. Locomotive pantograph contact with the overhead lines, take the electricity introduce to the locomotive, then through air automatic switch, controller, resistance box into the traction motor, to drive motor running. The motor through transmission device drive the wheel rotation, thus traction the locomotive running. From motor electricity through rail flow back to the converter.


  1. Battery      accumulator type locomotive working process

The batter provided direct current(dc) through flame-proof bolt, controller, resistance box into the motor, drive the motor running. The motor through the transmission device drive wheel rotation, thus traction the locomotive running.