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Metro and tunnel muck truck -- railway muck car
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Tunnel muck truck earth bucket: the earth bucket and chassis have no mechanical connection, can be directly hoisted, the unloading is convenient ;muck truck carrier bucket Each edge and Angle of the muck bucket are circular arc transition, which can effectively reduce the persistence of residual soil in the sharp corner.When the muck car bucket is placed in the muck frame, the guide block of the four corners of the frame can ensure the accurate landing. The muck car bucket side and both ends are equipped with unloading pin shafts, which can be used for the dumping of the dregs of the air hook or ground support.two type dumping, adopt three - pin support mode ,and ensure the discharging rate of residual soil.

Tunnel muck car is use for tunnelling slurry transport. 

Main charactor:

Rotate seatbase,exhaust brake, vehicle running stable,clean discharge.

Muck car structure:wheelbase,seatbase,bucket,brake system. on both ends install traction pin connection device, for connect with locomotives. Now our company muck car capacity is from 8m3,16m3,18m3,and 20m3 variety

3. we also offer 8m3,16m3,20m3 tunnel muck car in the rail gauge range from 600 to 900 mm. Zhongsui muck car is tract by the tunnel battery locomotive , was mainly for transport tunnel slurry, excavated soil, and gravels, etc,the other product including diesel locomotive, mortar mixer, concrete segment car, flat car, man rider car,etc.