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How was the railroad tunnel battery locomotive’s anti slip construction
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Our company after investigation, in view of the large slope in the subway construction, easy to slide condition, research and development of railroad tunnel battery locomotive anti slip computer control device, the braking force sensor, the driver operation be sleepy at night remind device, railroad tunnel battery locomotive computer assisted braking, and other functions, improve the performance of railroad tunnel battery locomotive escort for the railroad tunnel battery locomotive’s safe construction.

Tunnel locomotive introduce:

Zhongsui is the undisputed world-market leader for tunnel locomotives. We offer the full spectrum of diesel-electric and battery operated tunnel locomotives, tract muck car, mortar vehicles, segment car, flat car, man rider car, etc. The tunnel locomotive is in the range of 25 to 55 tonnes and with an rail gauge of 600mm,762mm,900mm,etc, and they are mainly used for metro projects and street tunnels with steep gradients.