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How to control the battery locomotive skid method
- Dec 15, 2017 -

In the operation of battery electric tunnel locomotive marshalling walking, the locomotive marshalling will continue to operate under the influence of inertia or ramps due to the sudden brake failure caused by wear or other reasons, the electric battery locomotive still running, cause the failure braking and slid. In case of a slid, our measusrement is stall barking. Once happened the slide, the speed exceeds the maximum speed of 30%, the speed of the speed reducer (motor shaft) holds the brake drum, and realizes the brake. The brake multiplier is 16 times lower than the low speed. When the tunnel battery locomotive is running normally, the high speed end brake does not participate in the braking, only when the speed of the car is not effective. This ensures that the brakes are reliable. The brake is applied to the transmission high-speed end, and the anti-skid effect is reliable.

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