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How a Tunnel Battery locomotive check and preparing work
- Jan 19, 2018 -

Tunnel Battery locomotive check and preparing work


1, check the transfer records without problems, especially the locomotive brake shoe routine inspection records.

2, check the tunnel battery locomotive around the body and check.

A) No obstructions such as padding under wheels (including vehicle wheels);

B)around tunneling battery locomotive Is there any grease or combustibles on the car body

C) Headlamps and glass at both ends of the tunnel battery cab are damaged or clear;

D) Whether the site has a cable or any attachment;

3, check the brake unit, brake resistor is normal.

4, check the body of the car body and the body connection is solid.

5, Check the role of brake cylinder spring lever polished rod length is within the specified range of 15 ~ 50mm.

6, enter the tunnel battery locomotive’s cab, check the front and rear lights, fans and speakers and other electrical load is turned off.

7, to ensure that the rolling stock operating handle placed at zero, emergency button bounce case, open the motor key switch.

8, check the tunnel battery locomotive motor parameters and status is normal.

9, the normal display, press the air compressor start button to observe whether the air compressor work, the pressure rise, observe the air compressor to work after the rated pressure 0.75MPa stop. When less than 0.55MPa when the normal start.

10, check the lights, speakers are normal work, if not action, then check the appropriate gas and lines.

11, Shutdown: After the battery locomotive is parked, operate the parking brake, the brake can only be fully effective after the shutdown. Turn off the key switch off, open the empty open