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Henan Zhongsui win bid of Luoyang metro construction back-up machinery
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Henan Zhongsui recently win the bid of Luoyang metro supporting machinery, it mainly include 4 sets of 45t tunnel battery locomotive, with muck car, mortar grout car, segment car, etc.

It depend on our many years rich experieced construction and years of manufacture of tunnel battery locomotives experience, thus we can send the goods in time to our customer's tunneling construction job sites.

45t Tunnel Super Capacitor and Battery Electric Locomotive, tunnel battery locomotive, tunnel diesel electric locomotive, tunnel muck car series, tunnel segment carrier series, tunnel flat(material) car, tunnel personnel car, multi-service vehicles, etc.specially designed for 

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Main super-capacitor electric locomotive range:

25t Tunnel Super Capacitor Battery Electric Locomotive

35t Tunnel Super Capacitor Battery Electric Locomotive

45t Tunnel Super Capacitor Battery Electric Locomotive

50t Tunnel Super Capacitor Battery Electric Locomotive

55t Tunnel Super Capacitor Battery Electric Locomotive

7,8,9,10,12,18m3 muck car series

15t,20t,25t segment car series

2,3,6,8,10m3 mortar car series

material(flat) car, man rider car

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