Henan Zhongsui Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.
Henan Zhongsui Engineering abroad tunnel battery locomotive for sale
- Jun 28, 2017 -

2015~2017 years working overseas project

Henan Zhongsui Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd is registered in April,2015, start to research and manufacture the shield tunnel engineering equipment. The equipment are mainly aimed at the subway, water and electricity, mining, municipal tunnel engineering. Annual production capacity of 200 sets. Currently has sales of more than 50 sets.


Bid for nearly three years mainly sells the goods to the main customers in domestic and foreign customer name and address:

(1) export sales

Overseas in Nepal drinking water projects TBM matching locomotive, residue car, pea stone, etc

(2) domestic sales

Guangzhou metro line 4 extension line, Guangzhou city Nansha district, shield machine matching locomotives, waste residue car, etc

Luoyang luanchuan diversion tunnel project of shield machine matching locomotive, waste residue car and so on

Guangdong subway line 4 of shield machine matching locomotive, mortar car, segments car, etc

Nanjing municipal comprehensive tunnel project of shield machine matching tractor, mortar car,segments car, etc

Qingdao railway line 1 , China Railway Engineering Corporation bureau 20 4 company 2 blocks shield construction matching machine 50 tons internal combustion type tractor