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EPB tunnel machine used supporting machinery battery and diesel electric locomotive
- Nov 11, 2017 -

TBM is suitable for the excavation of medium hard rock excavation, and is best suited for rock formation of 50 ~ 150MPa of rock single axial compressive strength.When the compressive strength of the rock exceeds 150MPa, it will result in the increase of wear and tear of the driving tool, lower driving speed and higher construction cost.When the excavator passes the bad geological conditions such as soil layer, fault fracture zone and karst, the machine head sinks, the arch collapses, and even the TBM is buried.Since the 1960s TBM has developed rapidly with its simple rock-breaking mechanism, advanced technology integration and high driving efficiency.At present, the tunneling technology of TBM in various kinds of surrounding rock is basically mature and widely used.

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Whether it is soft ground or hard rock, large or small diameter, Zhongsui will support you on all levels of tunnel traction locomotives to succeed in the most challenging projects with our highly reliable, durable and competitive product solutions

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