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DPC tbm backup system AC battery locomotive's main feature
- Jan 06, 2018 -

DPC series AC inverter battery industrial and mining electric locomotive adopts direct AC frequency conversion speed regulation and computer intelligent control technology. It has the advantages of large traction force, good braking performance, reliable operation, easy operation, small size, high efficiency and good environmental suitability. Particularly suitable for subway, highway, railway, hydraulic and other underground engineering.

    Battery locomotives main feature:

    1, the whole structure is reasonable, excellent production technology;

    2, The full voltage range of power generation feedback brake control technology (patent), canceled the energy consumption braking, energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection;

    3, using Japan's Toyo inverter technology, suitable for traction, zero speed high torque conditions, the motor runs without harmonic components, no additional heating and temperature rise, low failure rate, energy-saving vehicle significantly, traction efficiency, and the motor long lasting;

    4, locomotive energy efficient, battery charging a locomotive can guarantee running 80km;

    5, Anti-slip brake technology (patent), a substantial increase in the locomotive safety performance indicators;

    6, to prevent over-discharge battery control technology: Accurately given the remaining 10% of the battery tips to ensure that the locomotive can travel normally to replace the battery place, inhibit the battery over-discharge to ensure its normal use;

    7, low-battery locomotive self-help technology;

    8, the same tonnage or different tonnage of locomotive traction technology, the establishment of large tonnage and larger tonnage traction locomotive formation mode, to achieve a large tonnage and larger tonnage traction locomotive formation mode, to achieve a large, long ramp , Heavy transport construction of high efficiency;

    9, locomotive configuration 380V / 30kw AC power supply interface for the mortar to provide arbitrary mixing and pumping sites;

    10, anti-fatigue driving control technology: ① total operation control pedal; ② from the last section of the shield trolley 100 meters around the remote control locomotive deceleration, control and control device

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