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Customized narrow gauge battery locomotive self-rescue system
- Oct 26, 2017 -

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The JXKB battery locomotive is equipped with a self-rescue system, which is used when the customized narrow gauge locomotive voltage is low, the first causes the undervoltage protection of the auxiliary frequency converter.Due to assist the under-voltage protection of the auxiliary inverter, the customized narrow gauge battery locomotive battery voltage is 440V, and the battery locomotive voltage of the unit battery will be about 1.63 V.

That is: 440V is÷ 270 (unit battery) is approximately 1.63V

Battery and diesel locomotives (for TBM) are our advantage products. Related muck car, mortar vehicle, segment car, flat car, man riding car, multi service vehicles can be supplied too. 

APPLICATION: Tunneling constrction/ metro/ subway, water tunnel, highway tunnel.

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