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Customized mining battery locomotives -anti slip
- Oct 26, 2017 -

I.The battery locomotive speed exceeds the specified maximum speed unconditionally;

.The frequency converter is not working for any reason, while the locomotive speed exceeds a certain value;

.Brake shoe failure.

(3).Manual operation: tbm and mining battery locomotive high speed brake shoe brake can also be started by manual intervention. It is not only convenient debugging and maintenance, it can ensure that under the most unfavorable circumstances (such as control signal malfunction, and so on and so forth) to skip the automatic control, brake shoe brake measures directly by the artificial starting the end, make the train safety parking brake.

(4).The importance of the anti slide system: the link of the train anti-running device is important, only guarantee locomotive car column as a whole, always locomotive high-speed side brake shoe brake anti-running device of car brake can really play a proper role.The disjunction of vehicles is often caused by the loss of traction pin and the failure of the traction rod. When the vehicle is out of joint, the disjointed vehicle will pull the trachea, which will lead to the disconnection of the exhaust brake.However, if the disjointed vehicle is too large or the brake shoe fails, then a disjointed vehicle will be inevitable.Therefore, the anti-slip chain must be strong and reliable.

5].The braking form of the high speed brake shoe: the high speed end of the locomotive brake is the exhaust type braking mode. When the brake is on, the brake shoe will gradually increase and close in a short time, without producing sudden death.

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