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China TBM general introduce and battery tunnel locomotives supplier
- Nov 11, 2017 -

TBM is short for the English Tunnel Boring Machine (Tunnel Boring Machine). It is the most advanced Tunnel construction machinery in the world. It relies on the powerful thrust and shear force of the Machine.(note:The thrust is provided by the high pressure hydraulic cylinder, which enables the cutter to enter the rock mass, so the thrust of the cylinder and the penetration of the prop are TBM an important parameter of driving speed. The shear force is the tool that is mounted on a knife plate.Hobbing Cutter, cutter, blade cutter and other cutting rock to realize torque and rotate speed)

so that the tunnel tunneling, laying, lining, grouting and laser guiding are used to realize a parallel work, to realize one time make the tunnel hole.The TBM method has little disturbance to the surrounding rock, and the excavation surface is smooth and smooth, so it can effectively reduce the risk of geological hazards and realize continuous and rapid operation.It has the advantages of fast speed, high quality, low cost and full safe construction. It is widely used in water conservancy, hydropower, urban construction, transportation and other industries

Tunnel locomotive introduce:

Zhongsui is the undisputed world-market leader for tunnel locomotives. We offer the full spectrum of diesel-electric and battery operated tunnel locomotives, tract muck car, mortar vehicles, segment car, flat car, man rider car, etc. The tunnel locomotive is in the range of 25 to 55 tonnes and with an rail gauge of 600mm,762mm,900mm,etc, and they are mainly used for metro projects and street tunnels with steep gradients.