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China strong 45t diesel rail electric locomotives manufacturer
- Nov 14, 2017 -

1.Zhongsui diesel electric tunnel rail locomotive choose low emissions of diesel engine, and match the ternary catalytic device and ash water filtering device, greatly reduces the nitrogen, carbon monoxide, solid particle emissions, reduce the pollution to the environment.(2) at the same time, provide video monitoring system, air conditioning system, hydraulic power booster and fire extinguishing equipment can be provided for users to choose the configuration.(3) the Zhognsui diesel tunnel operated narrow gauge locomotive has no special requirements for vehicle maintenance, as long as it is strictly implemented according to the operation procedures and maintenance technical documents.4 locomotive selection Zhongsui tunnel diesel locomotive can meet the needs of all kinds of tunnel construction. Normally, the tunnel of 3~4.5m can be selected from 7-16t series diesel train, and the engine power is 40~110kW, and the static pressure transmission device is adopted. 6m tunnel can be used for 20~45t locomotive, engine train power of 140~400kW, equipped with static pressure transmission device or hydraulic transmission device;In extreme cases, rail slope is 4% ~ 7% of the environment, can choose to match the own drive method, meet the needs of the tunnel slope construction, diesel locomotive weight of 35 ~ 60t engine power 180 ~ 400 kw, with no wear electric magnetic eddy damping braking mechanism. During Diesel Locomotive selection process, must fully consider various environmental factors, it is vital for the normal operation of the tunnel diesel locomotive, ignores any factors may bring unnecessary trouble, serious can cause serious economic losses, even vehicles cannot be used. When choose the diesel electric Locomotive, should at least consider the following: project location, altitude, temperature, utility tunnel, tunnel length, maximum transport distance, tunnel inside diameter, excavation method, the slagging way (harvesters/conveyor/pump/other), whether the lining, gauge, rail specification, track usually conditions (wet/dry/water/pollution), rail slope and turning radius, the maximum traction weight, if a diesel tunnel locomotive has vehicle braking function and the braking power source, transportation line require on the width and the height of the diesel locomotive, the required running speed, whether double machine drawing, whether need the explosion protection, environmental protection requirements, etc