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China electric battery locomotive rail junction contact problem solved
- Oct 20, 2017 -

We are the China electric battery locomotive manufacturer, today we are talk the electric battery locomotive rail contact problems.

Due to all the switch rail weight are all press on the slide plate, if less contact with each other, the electric battery locomotive gravity are force on several slide plate, the greater the contact area of the smaller friction resistance, can make the switch switch equipment transformation is not flexible, serious when blocked.

1. It indicates that the rod connection iron is well insulated, and the outer lock connecting iron is well insulated with the indicated bar, and it is not insulated when there is a gap of more than 3mm, not touching the other parts, and the bolt is fastened.

2. Check the electric battery locomotive device shell of the switch installation device without crack, installation is strong, and the lock is good.

3. Check the electric battery locomotive protection measures of the oil pipe grooves in good condition and not be covered by other debris such as ballast.