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China Diesel locomotive charactor for long large tunnel construction back up
- Nov 14, 2017 -

China Zhongsui industrial and mining locomotive diesel locomotive is produced in Henan, was grew up in the tunnel construction the traction device of choice for rail transport, is famous in the world for its high quality grew up in the tunnel construction field, the world famous the channel tunnel project will choose the equipment.Zhongsui NRJ serial industrial diesel locomotive in China is also very widely used at present, xikang railway extra-long qinling tunnel TBM construction since 1997 since the introduction of ten of the NRJ in industrial and mining diesel locomotive, the Yellow River diversion project, liaoning dahuofang diversion project, China's engineering and kam screen plant is to choose the equipment.The equipment is mainly composed of the power part, transmission part, the exclusive design of the axle transmission device and the locomotive control part.Power 40 ~ 400