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China cheap 55t tunnel battery locomotive lead-acid batteries operation
- Oct 26, 2017 -

According to the cheap 55t tunnel battery locomotive discharge principle of lead-acid batteries, the cheap 55t tunnel battery locomotive accumulator has nearly 10% energy balance.Therefore, the self-rescue system can use the residual electrical energy that can make the  55t tunnel battery locomotive to drive to the place where the battery is replaced.JXKB battery traction locomotive, all press every replacement battery, drive locomotive transportation on 35 ‰ ramp up to 60 km above to configure battery energy, therefore, more than 10% of the energy of the 55t battery locomotives, can guarantee the locomotive run at least 5 km, this also is the present domestic subway construction in unilateral travel the longest delivery distance.

our Payment terms for 55t tunnel battery locomotives:

1. Are you manufacturer?

Yes, we are the manufacturer of multi service vehicle in China 

2. What's kind of fuel it use?

The multi service vehicle are use diesel fuel type.

3. Payment term?

Our company payment term is 30% advance payment after contract signing, 70% before buyer check the multi service vehicles and shipping will be paid.

4. Shipping

We can ship the goods to the buyer determination, through 20' or 40' containers.

5. After-sales service

We provide 1 years quality guarantee, and 1 year free supply of spare parts.

6. Installation and debugging

After the goods arrive to the job site, we will dispatch 1-2 engineers to the buyer's destination to install and free debugging, as well as simple training service.

7. Guarantee period

Generally is one year since multi service vehicles delivery to the buyer's site.