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Cheap tbm battery locomotive wholesale battery locomotive supplier in Zhengzhou
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Cheap tbm battery locomotive tbm battery locomotive High protection high speed inverter motor

Due to Henan Zhongsui are produced cheap tbm battery locomotive for 25 years, due to the high quality factors such as the advanced nature of the frequency converter and the quickness of data processing, frequency converter to realize the standard sine wave output feature, thus solved the motor in normal work damage due to high fever.So the cheap tbm battery locomotive high quality traction type inverter matches the standard frequency conversion motor in the tunnel and tbm construction, and ends the history that the inverter can only match the special motor, so ensure we can provide the cheap tbm battery locomotive,become the wholesale of battery locomotive in China.

Our JXKB electric cheap tbm battery locomotive equipped with high protective performance and high speed variable frequency asynchronous motor, the protection level is IP55, and the motor speed can be increased to 2,800 RPM. Using by Dongyang frequency converter, motor in 0 ~ 170 hz, and even higher frequency range to realize stepless speed regulation, and can satisfy the traction tunnel battery locomotive under constant torque and constant power under various working conditions of safe construction.


Zhongsui's cheap tbm tunnel battery locomotives equipment provides the satisfaction by supplying 25t~55t tbm battery locomotive and wholesale diesel locomotive to super large scaled TBM and tunnel which is applicable various cases of construction such as muck carrier, segment carrier, man riding car, super capacitor battery locomotive, multi service vehicles, and cheap tbm battery locomotives for water and sewer pipe, water division tunnel, pipe gallery construction,satisfy for freeway, underground, high-speed railroad and deep underground tunnel, etc