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55t tunnel battery locomotive suppliers- CCTV camera monitor
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Camera surveillance system:

The camera surveillance system consists of color monitor, dual infrared camera, and working power supply. A camera is placed in the high efficiency battery locomotives rolling stock tail, and the other camera is placed on the upper of air compressor room to monitor the 55t tunnel battery locomotives working space between the tbm battery locomotives vehicle's upper and the shield interface.

The high efficiency narrow gauge battery locomotive’s video surveillance system is the essential system of high efficiency cheap 55t tunnel battery powered locomotive, the operator in the tunnel battery locomotive’s cab, can have a monitor at the back of the high efficiency battery locomotive and whole tunnel battery locomotive vehicle , ensure the safety of road high efficiency battery locomotive safe running and tunnel safe construction.

Our service:

As the overseas engineering, manufacturing/procurement and service center, Zhongsui will be responsible for the sales, engineering design, manufacturing/supervision, QA implementation and after sales services for all TBMs battery locomotive and diesel locomotives,muck car, mortar vehicle, segment car, flat car and tour car, multi service vehicle supplied to international customers.Regardless of the manufacturing location, we assure that top brand key components are equally installed on Zhongsui TBMs supporting machine. Meanwhile, with the acquired Intellectual Properties, Zhongsui is fully capable of and committed to providing efficient and cost effective refurbishment and other services to the existing tunnel battery locomotive and tunnel diesel electric locomotives TBMs back-up equipment owned by our global customers.

At Zhongsui, we strive to remain as your trusted and reliable tunneling solution provider.