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55t tunnel battery locomotive for long and large tbm construction machinery
- Oct 20, 2017 -

55t tunnel battery locomotive for long and large tbm construction machinery:

The design and construction technology of TBM in China over past 30 years can be summarized as the following 5 phases: 1) The exploration and trial phase; 2) Taking the foreign construction contractors as the main body and using TBMs designed and manufactured by foreign manufacturer phase; 3) Independent TBM bidding purchasing and selection design and establishing China,own TBM construction teams phase; 4) TBM codesigning and manufacturing with foreign manufacturers and engineering application and independent construction booming phase; 5) TBM home manufacturing and constructing tunnel works in China and abroad independently phase. The experiences, technologies and achievements 55t tunnel battery locomotive for TBM tunnel works of some typical tunnel works in different times under conditions of complex geology, large slope, high altitude, different diameters, different types, and superlong distance are introduced; a series of new TBM construction technologies in bad geology, i. e. fault fracture zone, soft and weak rocks deformation, rockburst and water gushing, are presented; and the technological levels, i. e. the maximum tunneling footage of 1 868 m per month, average tunneling footage exceeded 600 m per month and the tunnel operation utilization higher than 40%, have been achieved. Furthermore, the risks and challenges of TBM construction in deadhard rock, large fault fracture zone, large deformation soft rock, strong rockburst rock, water gushing and mud outburst tunnel section, high geothermal tunnel section and extralong tunnel are analyzed, and several corresponding countermeasures which should be verified, optimized and improved are put forward.

Our 55t tunnel battery locomotive are mainly adate domestic and abroad tbm project, cooperate for the underground tunneling constructioning, it can have a large traction force, with 55t battery locomotive adhesive weight, and 2 cases of battery and 2 battery chargers, which specially design for long and large tbm underground tunneling constructions.

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