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45T tunnel battery powered locomotive work condition for tbm backup equipment
- Jan 23, 2018 -
  1. The elevation is not more than 2000m (when the user is in consultation with the manufacturer)

2, tunnel battery powered locomotive  the environment temperature at 25 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃.

3, the wettest month average maximum relative humidity is not more than 95% (in the same month the average minimum temperature is not more than + 25 ℃)

4. There is no gas or conductive dust in the air that corrodes the metal and damages the insulation.

5. In accordance with article 140 of the anti-explosion safety regulations, the use of low-gas grade sites.

6. Corresponding to the longitudinal direction of tunnel battery powered locomotive, the acceleration is not larger than 30m/s2.

7. The tunnel battery powered locomotive running track shall have good steel and stability.

1) the radius of the orbital curve shall not be less than R15m.

2) the line gauge error is +6, -2mm. When R < 300m, the switch should be laid on the straight line, and the rail tunnel battery powered locomotive should be the same type as the rail rail.

4) the excess height outside the curve segment shall conform to the standards stipulated in the national railway technical management regulations.

5) the rail surface for tunnel battery powered locomotive should be kept clean and the road water should be less than 30mm.