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45t battery tunnel locomotive main feature advantages
- Nov 11, 2017 -

45t35t15t Battery Locomotive Advantages

Intellegent control function

1.   Alarm function:

when the locomotive need alarm indication or happen malfunction, the device will automatically start alarm system, the alarm panel lights flashing and give brief alarm sounds,also the screen will automatically switch to the alarm page, the alarm message column show the cause of the alarm. At then press the reset button, the alarm lamp and the buzzer stop the alarm, but the alarm content of the display will remain until the cause of the failure is eliminated.

2.   Anti-sleeping function:

 to prevent the driver's paralysis, the device is set anti-lethargic function. When the locomotive is in any driving position, it not have any gear shift or any upper machine to wake up operation for 10 seconds, it will trigger the anti-sleeping function. When the anti-sleeping function is activated, the alarm will be triggered, and the locomotive will not be controlled automatically by the gear automatic deceleration until the car stops. When the driver is conscious, if he needs to resume driving, he needs to put the handle to zero gear and press the reset button on the control panel, so that the system returns to normal, he can restart the locomotive

3.   Overload protection function:

when the motor working current exceed the PLC setting threshold persists for more than 3 seconds later, the trigger overload protection function, alarm system start and alert drivers to attension and reduce the gear , at the same time PLC control frequency converter output frequency from the currently running frequency by 2 hz per second reduced, until the output current resume below the threshold. When the flow failure is eliminated, the system is automatically restored to the operating handle position

4.   Unusual operating protection:

the driver violation of operating procedures, quickly make the handle from front direction any gear through zero to after any gear, or quickly change any gear direction, the frequency inverter can still be in accordance with the order of the handle moving direction and acceleration and deceleration time to provide the change of frequency to the motor, the locomotive speed doesn't mutate, and the system function will not be affected by this.