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2017 China underground space industry exposition
- Sep 05, 2017 -

In 2015, the country has the qualification general contracting and professional contracting industry enterprises for urban underground space of urban underground space industry output value 9.5206 trillion yuan, urban underground space industry in the whole society to realize the added value of 2.6451 trillion yuan, the average annual growth of 20.6%, underground space industry has been an inevitable trend in the future

In 2013-2016, four consecutive terms, on the basis of the success of the underground space industry conference on October 30, 2017, "2017 China's underground space industry expo" as a "world city" series of activities blockbuster hit. With the theme of "delivering the new features of the city", the exhibition aims to build an all-industrial chain trading platform for underground space. The site provides an integrated solution for the underground space development industry, and then the industry will build a smart city underground space together.

Relying on the first four underground space development conference (IFUS) influence, the conference has attracted including construction group shares, tunnels group, expo group, shentong metro, ZhongTieJian, Biaimu nearly 300 underground space development and industry related enterprises, at the same time, the organizing committee will send invitation to the whole industry upstream and downstream enterprises professionals, the owner unit, and jointly sponsored several authorities BBS, explore industry hot topic, help elite industry chain parties to control the pulse of the industry, understand the latest case and solution

Holding time: 30th, Oct-1st, Nov. 

OUR CTEE company leader will attend then.

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