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15t Tunnel Flat car

15t Tunnel Flat car

15t flat car could meet the tunnel engineering transport workers, and tools, and carry rail welding machine and transport slag, and so on a series of work.Capacity 15 Ton, Maximum width 1500 mm, Pneumatic Brake at one axle, 2 nos. Willison type Couplers with shock absorber, Security Chain - Cabling for signals. Mainly flat car for transport the rail, sleeper, grease and other sundry

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15t Tunnel Flat car


15t Flat car is specially designed for the tunnel transportation of materials, tools and machine tools in shield tunnel construction.It could Improve tunnel construction efficiency and transportation safety.Set hand brake and air brake to ensure the running safety during running, The main part has car body, walking part(two bearing walking), braking (2 group compound rubber spring), greatly extended the flat car efficiency. Simple structure, easy maintenance, large carrying capacity.  At present, our company manufactures flat car 10 ~ 30 tons


The flat car includes of car body, walk unit and brake

Flat Car Body: the body is a box-type welding structure, with large load , good rigidity and simple structure.

Walking: the walking part is a two-wheel steering frame structure with no bogie frame, cushioned by rubber spring.

The two sides of the flat car have total 2 SMC double acting brake cylinder, two wheel single side brake


1.   Has hand brake and exhaust brake two brake mechanism

2.   Two axle box bearing type travel mechanism

3.   Two sets of compound damping springs

Technical parameter:



Dimensions mm


Loading capacity t


Weight t


Rail gauge mm


Wheel dia. mm


Axle distance


Traction height


Brake mode

hand brake and exhaust brake

Connection way

Connecting traction pin plate and safety chain 

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